Charles and Split in love.

Phase is a comic made by daedlydark. This comic shows the Split and Charles are in love.





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Charles stabs Sheller in the head and kills him. Charles then notices Split. Split notices Charles and both are lovestruck. Charles goes back to sheller and pulls out his heart. Later.... CJ is about to eat a cheeseburger. However, he does not notice Charles is right behind him.... All of the sudden, CJ's head, with the spine and ribs attached, is tossed in the air. Charles returns to Split with the burger. 2 years later.... Giovanti has managed to rob a bank. However, while running past a garbage can, Giovanti does not notice Charles behind that garbage can. Giovanti's teeth, eyes, brain and tounge are sent flying in the air. Charles returns to Split with Giovanti's money. A decade later.... A now elderly Split and Charles are near a mansion that belongs to Jack-o. Jack-o, who is watching tv, does not notice Charles behind him. Jack-o's heart is tossed up by Charles. Charles returns to Split with Jack-o's heart. Decades later.... Charles' and Split's great grandchildren visit their grave. Inside the coffin, Charles' and Split's skeletal remains are holding hands....


  • Sheller is stabbed in the head.
  • Lumplin is also stabbed.
  • CJ's ribs, spine and head are ripped out of his body and are tossed in the air. Death not seen
  • Giovanti's head is destroyed. Death not seen
  • Jack-o's heart is ripped out. Death not seen
  • Charles and Split die of old age. Death not seen


  • This is deadlydark's first comic uploaded on the wiki.
  • It introduces no new characters.